Ensuring that suppliers respect the Group's commitments

Due to the nature of its business activities, Vivendi essentially makes use of referenced national and international suppliers.

A joint effort was conducted by the Internal Audit and Sustainable Development Departments aimed at including in the audit process an evaluation of commitments to human rights within the supply chain. A review of the sourcing process, including provision of Tee-shirts and other merchandising products, was conducted at Bravado UK, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

In 2010, the Audit Department of Activision Blizzard inspected three facilities located in China to ensure that international standards regarding employee working conditions (safety, health, wages) and product manufacture with regard to consumer safety are adhered to.

As part of the process of responsible purchasing, the Group business units are continuing the process of integrating the new sustainable development clause founded on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact into their supplier contracts. Furthermore SFR’s Purchasing Department has launched a process of evaluation of its one hundred principal suppliers on environmental, social and ethical criteria. Improvement plans, followed by supplier audits where indicated, are put into practice in order to make progress in responsible management of purchasing (see Blandine de Montlivault’s point of view).

The Purchasing Department at Canal+ Group collects information about its suppliers’ sustainable development and certification processes via an e-sourcing platform (Achats+) deployed in 2010. It is accessible to suppliers for calls to tender and consultations and enables Canal+ to evaluate their commitments in the area of sustainable development. In Brazil, in 2011, GVT’s involvement with its suppliers will take the form of the creation of a Suppliers Development division within the Purchasing Department, among whose tasks will be relaying GVT’s commitments regarding responsible procurement.

Constructive cooperation between Audit and Sustainable Development Donald MacLeod, Vice President Audit, Europe & Asia, Internal Audit and Special Projects Department, Vivendi

For several years now, the Internal Audit Department and the Sustainable Development Department have worked hand in hand on developing, implementing, and verifying initiatives within the Group.

Gradually, year by year, this long-term partnership brings new subject areas into its scope. To give an example, in 2010, an initial risk map related to sustainable development topics was drawn up jointly. A sustainable development auditing module was included in some of our field missions, where it was considered to be most relevant. We are continuing to strengthen this process in 2011, paying particular attention to the issue of protecting and empowering young people and to the implementation of the recommendations made in the French Grenelle laws; these two areas have been included in our annual audit plan.